We offer you a number of additional services that will significantly facilitate and accelerate the process of finalizing the purchase of vehicles and construction machines in our company.

Documents and certificates
The certificate of origin (COC) indicates the country of production of the vehicle and often facilitates the procedure of its registration. In the case of construction machinery, we help in obtaining the CE certificate. In addition, we offer the possibility to perform a full Polish technical examination or a German TÜV certificate.

License plates and insurance
We offer you various options for temporary vehicle registration and temporary insurance. Depending on whether the vehicle will be exported outside the EU or used within its borders, we are able to organize the necessary boards and documents within 1-2 business days. We usually provide vehicle insurance with a valid technical examination in a few hours.

Customs and export services
A dedicated customer's supervisor will carry out the customs clearance procedure for you, prepare export documents EX-A and EUR-1. We work with the best customs agencies so that the waiting time for these documents is a maximum of 1-2 business days.

Land and sea transport
We are able to deliver a vehicle or construction machine purchased from us anywhere on Earth. We specialize in land transport within the European Union. In addition, we offer the possibility of organizing maritime transport from ports such as Hamburg, Bremenhaven and Antwerp.